So... our amazingly awesome, annual Sports Day was held (as usual) at St. Mary's Grounds on Serpentine Road in St. Clair. Click on the images below to see some of the fun activities!


Shubh Divali!

On Friday November 1st, we held our annual Divali celebrations.  This Hindu religious festival honours the return of lord Ram from the forest and the victory of light over darkness.

Classes ended at midday and the afternoon was dedicated to our celebrations. Our talented students performed skits, dances, songs and various musical instrumental presentations. We even had a fashion show of exotic and beautiful Esat Indians saris and shalwar kameez. Many students wore bindis and we even had some mehendi artists!

Here are just a few pictures from this amazing day.


Convent girls... & boys shine!

We would all like to congratulate our graduating class of 2013, their families and our dedicated staff on our excellent CAPE results this year. We especially celebrate the success of the following brilliant and hardworking students who have been awarded Trinidad and Tobago National scholarships on the basis of their grades over the last 2 years. We give thanks to God, our almighty father, for riches he has bestowed upon us

We received 39 in all, 13 open! Convent girls (and boys) shine!



Kimaada Boyce

Zara Suite-Stewart

Tiffany Mariah Koylass 

Laurielyse Girod-Williams 

Tiffany Joseph 

Elizabeth Leung 

Renee Chin Lee 

Nikisha Gajadhar 

Jaimie Greasley 

Akira Isaac

Monique Kellman 

Cherisse Littrean

Lisa-Marie Watts

Catherine Brathwaite 

Rebecca Mohammed 

Candice Ali

Colin Romain 

Christina Hamilton 

Celine Thompson 

Zakiyah Ali 

Simon Wilkes 

Kami Allong 

Takeyah Campbell

Paulina Chamely 

Crystal Charles 

Meridith Chung 

Jah-Zein Cooper 

Cindy-Lee Crichlow 

Celine Felix 

Theana Guerra 

Ishara Khan 

Nykesi Omokughegbe 

Camille Pereira 

Maegan Sambrano 

Emma Tang Yuk 

Makeda Thom 

Felisa Tracey 

Sian Williams 

Chioke Herbert 


Our brilliant Form 1s showed everyone just how talented they are at our annual variety show. There were group  presentations as well as individual spots, as they performed plays, sang, danced and played several musical instruments.  Of course their parents, families and teachers were all very proud of their fantastic work!

Here are just a few images from the show which was held on May 28th and May 29th 2013 in the school theater.


As usual, our school will be part of the annual Corpus Christi celebrations. This year, because of the ongoing restoration works at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, after holy mass at 8.30 am at the Grand Stand in the Queen's Park Savannah, our local procession will begin. It will end outside our closed cathedral on the Promenade.

There will be three benediction stops along the way—outside the Rosary Church on Henry Street; outside the Sacred Heart Church on Richmond Street and finally outside the main entrance to the cathedral.

Students are asked to assemble at school at 7.30 am in full school uniform and to bring along supplies of water and rain gear if necessary. Parents be prepared to collect their daughters at the Cathedral at 11 am. We hope to see you all there!


On Friday 11th January 2013, our SJCPOS family - our students, their proud parents and our staff and administrators gathered in the school chapel to honour those students from Form 2 to Form 6 who had performed outstandingly during the previous school year.

As an institution whose focus is the holistic development of our learners, in academics and extra-curricular activities such as their various clubs throughout the school academic year. Students received different awards for their accomplishments during the school year such as Trophies, Medals, Plaques and Certificates.

The images below show just some of the students receiving their awards during the event.


From creamy soursop ice cream, to tangy pommecythere chutney, or the spicy curried crab and dumplings, Trinidad and Tobago delicacies have always had a mouth watering appeal. And never more so than when they are prepared by the loving hands of your family.

So on Saturday 27th April, we invite everyone in our St. Joseph's Convent Port of Spain family to join us for a evening filled with fun, fellowship and fantastic foods, all prepared by... us! Tickets are only $200 and are available at the school office or from any member of our staff or student body. Food will be served from 6.00 pm, and don't forget to keep your ticket for the grand door prize drawing.


DIY laptop repair workshop

During the Easter vacation, students from the St. Joseph's Academy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana visited us and conducted a 1 week computer repair and sensitization workshop. The workshop was attended by a number of students in Convent which took place over the Easter vacation between April 02nd to April 09th, 2013.

The students were taught by trained lecturers of the college as well as students on repairing and troubleshooting laptop problems. St. Joseph's Academy brought several laptops used especially for training purposes. The students learnt to disassemble working laptops and reassemble them making sure that they know each step of the process aiding in their development and sensitization of laptop issues.

The following images show some of our students together with trained lecturers and students from St. Joseph's Academy on the entire process.


St. Joseph's Convent Port of Spain held their Annual Carnival celebrations for the year 2013 on the school compound. The student put on a show with their own created Carnival costumes and decorative art to commemorate the cultural event of Carnival. The following are just a few images taken during the day of Friday 08th February 2013.