Form 1 Registration

Attention SEA Students and Parents!

Congratulations and welcome to our school!

Click here to download a letter from our principal, Mrs. Anna Pounder about the registration process or see the letter below. Please read the letter carefully so that you have all that is necessary for registration on Friday 8th July 2022.

Please click here to download, print and fill out the Registration Form. This form will need to be brought in on Registration. If you are not able to print and fill the form at least ensure that you have the information needed for the form.

You can now access the Form 1 booklist here or at the Parent Portal on this website.

Please download and read the Library Package here. You will need to print, fill out and bring the last two pages ONLY on Registration Day. The other pages are for your information.

Letter from the Principal

Form 1 Registration Letter from the Principal.pdf