All students are required to wear our official uniform when on the school compound. Any deviation from this will require a note signed by a parent. We consider that how a student wears his/ her uniform should reflect school pride and spirit.

Girls- The official school shirt and skirt are available for purchase at Janoura's Ltd. New Form 1 students will be measured for uniforms on the day of registration.

Boys- The uniform consists of a plain, well fitted white shirt jac, dark blue trousers and black shoes and socks.

Rules and Regulations Regarding School Uniforms

  • Hair must be neat and tidy and hair accessories are limited to the colors of black, white, navy blue and dark brown. Also outrageous hair colouring/dye is not allowed.

  • The sleeves of the school shirt should not be tucked over the shoulder.

  • The hem of the school skirt should reach below the knee.

  • Socks must be navy blue NOT white. They must be visible above the ankle, at least 1 inch above the top of the sneakers. N.B. in the case of high tops socks must be visible above the top of the sneaker. Sneakers must be white. You must have a written excuse signed by a parent or guardian if sneakers with colored symbols, writing etc are worn.

  • Only 1 pair of earrings is to be worn in the FIRST hole. They must be either silver or gold hoops or studs. Hoops must be small enough as to not allow your smallest finger through the opening while studs must be relatively small with either a white or dark blue stone. NB: - Earrings with colored smiley faces, hearts or any other symbols or pictures are not allowed. If a chain or scapula must be worn for religious reasons it should not be visible. Hand bands, silly bands etc are not allowed.

  • The only ring students are allowed to wear is the St. Joseph’s Convent ring in the case of Form sixes. Form 6 transfer students may wear the ring belonging to the school they previously attended. Rosary rings are not allowed.

  • Only official badges by those holding leadership positions (including library prefect/ captain badges) are to be worn. Buttons with slogans, pictures etc are not allowed.


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