Form 5 Focus

So what's next? What happens after Form 6, after CAPE? Maybe you're not that sure. That's okay. Exploring the resources here, here or here may help you decide just what it is you want to do, and give you an idea about the colleges, universities and other training opportunities that may be the best fit for you!

Many of you already know or think you know, what careers you want to have in the future.Then, this is for you too. The resources here can help you make those hard choices about where you want to go on to further studies.

Home is always good

Whether your concerns are familial or financial, there are multiple benefits to be had from choosing tertiary education options in Trinidad and Tobago. Lower costs, the opportunity to access state funding, support from friends and family during stressful periods, the comfort of living at home... all these can contribute to a very successful college experience! So check out these links to options within Trinidad and Tobago. 

Staying in the Caribbean

You may find however, that the exact program you want is available in another Caribbean territory. In the past, each campus of the University of the West Indies specialised in different fields, so checkout these links to more options.

What about going abroad?

For many of you, the opportunity to study in a completely new environment is exciting and you are eager to experience new places, peoples and cultures, while gaining the qualifications you will need to successfully begin your post graduate life. Check out the possibilities here!

Thinking about the U. S. or Canada? There are over 3,000 colleges and universities in the United States alone, so just choosing where to apply can be stressful. Focusing on too few schools creates just as many problems as having too many options. You should try to develop a short list of schools that are worth evaluating in detail. Click here for more... 

 Or maybe you've always dreamed of travelling further...Click here for links to studying in the UK or Europe.