Merry Christmas! 

The school prefects held their annual prefects concert on the tennis courts on Thursday 13th December and everyone had an amazing time! Everyone gathered early, trying to grab the best spots to view the festivities. The Form 6s did a great job, organising what turned out to be a truly fun filled experience for everyone... there were skits and songs, dances and of course, music!! Just click on the images to check it out!

Of course, Christmas in our school, like any special occasion, would not be complete without, our communion with God. So on our last school day for 2012, we gathered in our school chapel to celebrate the joy of the birth of our saviour, Jesus Christ. We praised his name with our prayers, our voices raised in song, and the sweet notes of our steel pans.


Shubh Divali 2012

SJCPOS has always welcomed expressions of spirituality and of demonstrations of our connection with God. So, on Monday 12th November 2012, on the tennis courts, in the shadow of our Chapel, we shared in the joy of our Hindu brothers and sisters as they celebrated Divali, the festival of lights.

The occasion highlighted East Indian culture,  and showcased our students, Hindu, Christians and all,  taking part in dances, musical presentations, including tassa drumming, of course, the fashion show! Our eyes were literally stunned by the gold of the bindis and the spicy colours of silk saris and shalwar kameez.  Just click on the images above to check out the fun!


On Friday November 2nd, 2012, the day dawned bright and sunny and we were off ... to the circus, as SJCPOS held its annual Sports Day—or as I should call it, “Le Cirque du SJC”!

Each house took on a unique circus character to spice up this year’s proceedings. The main events of course were the athletic races. But just as fun and riveting, were the march past of all house teams, (not forgetting the hilarious skits each presented) and the inter house cheer leading competition, highlighted by a phenomenal dance performed by the entire group of cheerleaders. Below are just a few images that took place during SJCPOS Annual Sports day 2012.


We are so proud of you!

The Ministry of Education has announced that SJCPOS has been awarded 28 National scholarships on the basis of the CAPE results; 5 Open and 23 Additional.

This fantastic achievement continues our long standing tradition of hard work, determination and academic excellence.

The SJCPOS learning community is happy to congratulate the students. But praise goes out not only to the scholars themselves, but also to those staff members, peers and family members without whom this success would not have been possible.


On Wednesday 26th October, 2012 the Minister of Education, The Honorable Dr. Tim Goopeesingh will visit our school for the first time!

He will address our entire school family in the Chapel where he is expected to congratulate the staff and students on this year's excellent CAPE  and CSEC results, and then tour the school campus. A total of 28 scholarships; 23 Additional and 5 Open, were awarded to SJCPOS, thus continuing our long tradition of academic excellence. 


The Minister of Education, The Honorable Dr. Tim Gopeesingh visited St. Joseph's Convent, POS on Wednesday 26th, October 2012 and below are just a few of the images of the event where the Minister congratulated the Scholarship Winners as well as the distribution of the eConnect and Learn Programme laptops to the Form 1 students.

FORM 1 2012 / 2013

St. Joseph's Convent Port of Spain welcomes the new year group of Form 1 Students. Below are a few images of the new Form 1 students for 2012 - 2013.


It may not be January 1st but it is the beginning of the school year, which is just as important. I know you're groaning and moaning about having to be up before noon and dreading the onslaught of schoolwork.But hey! There's a lot to look forward to, and appreciate from last year!

Hereare upcoming events for the September-December term:

1) Sports Season

While most clubs resume at the start of this year, many teams begin competing this term, and continue throughout the year. First-time members, such as our Form Ones, will also have the opportunity to compete in various sports in Under15 teams, so don't be afraid to get active and get involved! Club Sign-Up Day will be on Wednesday 5th of September.

2) SJCPOS Sports Day

What's the biggest school event of the year? You guessed it, our School Sports Day. It’s your chance to get involved and show what you’ve got outside the classroom—work hard, play harder. Don’t think you’ll like it? From cheer leading to races to marching and more, I guarantee you’ll find something you like this Sports Day. Did I mention the fun themes?

3) A Very SJCPOS Christmas

For our newest members of the school, Christmas at SJCPOS is magical. What better way to celebrate Christmas at school than with our Form Ones decorating the SJC Christmas Tree in a special ceremony, involving a one-in-a-lifetime trek down the Blue Stairs, Parang and tree trimming?

4) Concerts

And speaking of Christmas, start doing your vocal exercises, preparing your hilarious skits and stretching for some cool dance moves—Santa Claus is coming to town in our Prefects’/Captains’ Novelty Christmas Concert!

We can't wait to get it all started!

See you soon,

-- Tiffany Joseph (Senior Captain)


We held our annual Graduation Masses for the Forms Five and Form Six students at the School Chapel. The Form Six graduation was held on Wednesday 13th, June 2012 and the Form Five graduation was held on Friday 15th, June 2012. Check out thepomp and grandeur of the solem mass and graduation ceremony.


The Form 1's held their Variety show on Wednesday 6th, 2012 and Friday 8th, 2012 to showcase some of their talents and abilities in categories such as Dance, Music, Gymnastics and the Arts. Supported and coached by the entire Form 1 Teaching Team, led by Sr. Lorraine Joseph, they came out and gave it their all. This slideshow gives just a glimpse of some of the songs, dances and skits performed by this amazing year group.


Carnival 2012 SJCPOS Style

St. Joseph's Convent Port of Spain held our annual Carnival celebrations on Friday 17th February 2012. The students  performed skits, sang calypsoes and soca dances in ultra colorful costumes, and the houses vied for the honour of winning the title of SJCPOS Carnival Queen 2012. These are just some of the students and their extravagant, exuberant and fantastic carnival costumes.