Our Form 1 students have received the laptop computers made available to them through the Government E-Connect and Learn Program. This 1 to 1 program will obviously have a major impact on teaching and learning in our school and their teachers are already planning how to integrate this new technology into their instruction. Check them out as they learn to use their newly acquired laptops in a class.


At St. Joseph's Convent Port of Spain we pride ourselves on our true respect and appreciation for our country's heritage and the diverse culture and religons of our people. So we celebrated the Hindu festival of Divali with a grand cultural event. Many students peformed songs, dances and skits. And of course, there was the ever popular East Indian fashion show too!

Check out some of the outstanding performances on that day!


Each Form 1 student at St. Joseph's Convent, Port of Spain, helped decorate our school Christmas Tree with a personally created ornament. They also sang carols and parang for their peers, parents and teachers during the lunch time ceremony.

As usual, the school celebrated the end of the Michaelmas term with a mass in the school's Chapel.


St. Joseph's Convent Port of Spain held their annual Christmas Concert on the school compound.  Our multi talented students performed all sorts of Christmas dances and songs. Check out some of the fun performances at the concert!


The English Department organised an exciting Literature Week  where students were able to showcase their skills in literature by performing plays for their peers and teachers in the School Chapel. Check out some of their performances.


We held our annual Sports Day for the year 2010 at the St. Mary's Ground, Port of Spain. The highlight had to be the colourful march past and the competitive cheer-leading challenge. Check out the fun below!








The Annual St. Joseph's Convent Port of Spain Awards 2010

The ceremony was held on Friday 15th January, 2010 to celebrate our achievements during the past year. Students were honoured for their outstanding efforts academically, both on an internal level as well as nationally in the CSEC and CAPE, as well as in extra curricular activities.

Click below to see photographs of the occasion.


National Scholarships 2010

These students were awarded national scholarships as a result of their outstanding results at the CAPE 2009. The Principal, staff and students of St. Joseph's Convent, POS recognise the hard work and dedication that this would have required and would like to congratulate them on their amazing achievements!

1. Business (OPEN) - Jessie Teixeira

2. Environmental Studies (OPEN) - Sherisse Pierre

3. Environmental Studies (OPEN) - Taniel Winner

4. Languages (OPEN) - Ysabel Bisnath

5. Visual Arts (OPEN) - Justin Clarke

6. Science (OPEN) - Amanda Aleong

7. Science (OPEN) - Tinika Edghill

8. Science (OPEN) - Christopher Mejias

9. Science (OPEN) - April Romain

10. Science (OPEN) - Ariana Singh

11. Business (ADDITIONAL) - Kristianna Aird

12. Business (ADDITIONAL) - Alana Guevara

13. Business (ADDITIONAL) - Ianna Lee Innis

14. Environmental Studies (ADDITIONAL) - Amy Leigh Teixeira

15. Environmental Studies (ADDITIONAL) - Krystel Yee Mon

16. General Studies (ADDITIONAL) - Mariam Lochan

17. General Studies (ADDITIONAL) - Megan Murray

18. Humanities (ADDITIONAL) - Lynn-Marie Edwards

19. Languages (ADDITIONAL) - Amanda Reason

20. Languages (ADDITIONAL) - Kimberly Salloum

21. Mathematics (ADDITIONAL) - Giselle Rochford

22. Mathematics (ADDITIONAL) - Anysha Thomas

23. Science (ADDITIONAL) - Tiffany Anthony

24. Science (ADDITIONAL) - Erissa Cuffie

25. Science (ADDITIONAL) - Laura D. Edwards

26. Science (ADDITIONAL) - Luzanne Fadahunsi

27. Science (ADDITIONAL) - Adaeze King

28. Science (ADDITIONAL) - Victoria Le Matrie

29. Science (ADDITIONAL) - Priya Ramjagsingh

30. Science (ADDITIONAL) - Janiece D. Reid

31. Science (ADDITIONAL) - Rebekah Richards

32. Science (ADDITIONAL) - Elizabeth Roopchand

33. Science (ADDITIONAL) - Carlene Samuel

34. Science (ADDITIONAL) - Krystal Simmons

35. Science (ADDITIONAL) - Kari Wright


Our annual Carnival celebrations were held on Friday 12th February 2010 where the students honored the cultural event of Carnival. The following images show just some of their  costumes and dances performed by the students. Mama, that was mas!


La journee francais (French Day)

On October 9th 2009, Form 3 and Upper 6 represented our school at the Journée française held at Queen’s Hall and put on by the French Teachers’ Association of Trinidad and Tobago. At the event, the Form 3s dramatized a song while the Upper 6s recited a poem and sang in French (see photos). Both performances were well received. In addition, Kimberly Salloum and Ysabel Bisnath (of Upper 6 Modern) participated and won book prizes in the Spelling Bee competition. Congratulations to all those who represented SJC at the event!


After traveling for a grueling seventeen hours, we arrived in Riva,  with our steel pans intact, to meet pretty cold weather. We were staying at the Portici Hotel, overlooking Lake Garda, on the Piazza,  with  weathered, old buildings made of stone from the neighbouring mountains (the Alps) which were covered in snow at their summits even in springtime!

We were immediately treated to authentic Italian cooking, course after course after course of unusual combination of salads, cheeses and soups and specially cooked meats followed by a milk dessert….. wow! Luckily for us most of the people seemed to be able to speak English which meant that simple things like shopping and sightseeing were more enjoyable.

Professor Eisenbeiss, the Musical Director of Interkultur (Musica Mundi) visited that evening and asked us to perform for the opening Ceremony which was indeed a great honour as 39 countries were being represented in this Competition!

So early the next day we started practicing and generally getting ready to take part in the Parade of the Choirs through the town, followed by the Opening Ceremony later that evening. For the Parade the girls dressed in our traditional white Belee dresses and colourful wrapped headdresses. The choir sang David Rudder’s “Trini to de Bone” with the tenor pan playing the accompaniment.

The Pan Ensemble opened our presentation at the Opening Ceremony with an arrangement by Mario Gormandy of “Pan in A minor” by Lord Kitchener and  the audience loved it – so many people told us later that they had never heard our national instrument before! We followed this with the 3 Canal piece “Now Is The Time” arranged for choir by Judith Ann Walters and pan by Akua Leith. Our gorgeous multi-coloured dresses were designed by Robert Young, our piece choreographed by Francesca Vazzana and we were accompanied on piano by Diamanda Garnes. It was a hit!! Trini warmth, Trini style and Trini sweetness all combined!

The very next day at 9.30 a.m. we were expected to sing for the G2 choirs, single sex voices, Competition. We were No. 2 of 9 choirs. Choirs from Hungary, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Singapore, South Africa, Denmark and Poland. Our choir took the stage of the huge San Giuseppe Auditorium with our 34 girls and performed: (the first 3 pieces were done a cappella).

The choir was truly impressive and were at their peak with the audience clapping after every piece even though it was not allowed! We sat in the audience after-wards and listened to some of the following choirs. We sat in amazement as we heard the most glorious music from so many nations, we heard such trained voices as to make us think they must be professionals and recognized as well that we were indeed a very young choir compared to the range of the other choirs who were mostly in the brackets of 16 to 19 years. Our range was 11 to 17 years.

We also sang for a Secular Concert where we were able to vary our programme and include songs like the operatic “Quando m’en Vo” from La Boheme by Puccini in Italian of course! also the Gospel song “Somebody’s Knocking” and “Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord” from Godspell.

We even sang in our local Piazza for the entertainment of the local people “Zottelmarsh” a German Marching Song (which they seemed to know) and a lovely lilting Irish piece “Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded” by Havelock Nelson, written especially for the St. Joseph’s Convent Choirs, which they very much enjoyed .

On the final night, after the Grand Prix Competition the awards were given out and to our delight we had achieved a high ranked Silver Certificate! An honour to be applauded among this highly accomplished European Arena. 

What an experience, what a joy, how the girls were honed even in this short week, more experienced now, more comfortable with themselves, the mysteries resolved and a true feeling of satisfaction for a job well done! After all the hard work of over a year of preparations to return home knowing that they had accomplished so much and that they would now be capable of so much more.