Continuing to build on our Core Values!

Welcome to a new academic year 2016-2017!! Welcome to our new Form Ones and their parents/guardians as they join the community and family of SJC POS! Welcome also to those joining us in other year groups and we trust that your time with us will be fruitful and productive years!

This year our school celebrates its 180th anniversary of the arrival of the Sisters of St Joseph's of Cluny in T&T. The library will be hosting a full display of this history and I invite you to visit the school to learn more about the oldest secondary school in Trinidad and Tobago. We are very proud of our accomplishments over the years and ever grateful to the Cluny Sisters, lay administrators, alumni, and all who have supported the school and helped it to not only maintain its rich traditions but also its high standard of excellence in education! We launched the year by producing a commemorative calendar then the Past pupils hosted a Gala event in July so this term we will be closing off the celebrations with various school activities.

The Cluny Board of Management has produced a Policy Document and I urge all stakeholders to read it as it outlines many key elements about the management and philosophy of our school. Last year we focused on four (4) Core Values and this academic year we will be "Continuing to build on our Core values of Love, Compassion, Courage and Creativity.

Mrs. Anna Pounder - Principal

St. Joseph's Convent

Port of Spain

B.A., Dip. Ed., M. Ed.,

"Our students continue to excel academically and we are proud of their accomplishments having obtained 100 % passes at the CSEC and Cape levels. At the CSEC level we also had an overall 77.48 % of Grade Ones and we are proud that all our Sixth Form graduates have a full certificate, able to move on confidently to tertiary education or into the work place. We thank God for all our members of staff whose commitment and dedication ensures that our school continues to excel in all areas.

Our number one priority is the Holistic education of our students and this is why we continue to strengthen our core values and see our primary role as developing young people with the character and values needed to transform our society. We are tremendously proud of all their accomplishments in the many Clubs both sporting and service. All of this will be celebrated at our annual Awards ceremony in November 2016.

Over the vacation we were able to paint our Form One to Form Four classrooms, repair the roof over the main building, replace the main doors, extend one of the teacher's bathrooms and upgrade another, as well as do the full maintenance of our air conditioning and electrical infrastructure. Our daily running costs and maintenance are a constant drain on our resources therefore I encourage you to continue to support our 'Project 2013 and Beyond.' Also to pay for projects and upgrades we will be hosting our "Parang 'n a Pot" on November 12th 2016. We look forward to your continued support.

The ICT committee has also been working diligently to bring all our classroom up to fully functioning multimedia facilities. All classrooms have projectors, there are new computers in the Multi Media rooms and prep rooms so that our teachers can utilize the latest technologies to fully engage our students. Therefore, teachers and students can bring their own devices and have more dynamic and stimulating environments for learning.

We are offering a new subject at CAPE this year Entrepreneurship and are excited about this new venture.We welcome on board four (4) new members of staff as we work hard to ensure that we have our full complement of teachers.

As we conclude this Jubilee Year of Mercy we hope that it will be a time for rejuvenation and conversion within our church and that all will take advantage of this opportunity to bring mercy and forgiveness into all areas of their lives.

We thank God for all the tremendous support we have received from our parents, alumni, business community over the years and look forward to continue working with all our stakeholders over the next academic year to ensure that our school continues to provide a sound education for all.