Awards Ceremony

Alexia Trim, the top CAPE 2 student, receiving her awards from Vice Principal, Mrs. Maritza Ramphal

School Principal, Mrs. Anna Pounder, was awarded the Platinum Award for over 30 years of the service to the school

Congratulations to all students and members of staff who received awards at our Award Ceremony held on the 12th of January for the year 2021-2022. Awards were given for excellence in academics, achievements in sports, service to school and exemplary personal qualities.

Our U6 and L6 students received awards for their outstanding performance in the CAPE Unit 1 and 2 exams. Congratulations to Zia Romany and Nicolette Shallow of Lower 6 who received an Award of Achievement. Nicolette also received an Award of Merit with Honours, along with Kerissa Titre. Isabelle D’Abadie was awarded an Award of Merit with Distinction and was also our top CAPE Unit One student! The top CAPE Unit 2 student was Alexia Trim and the top CSEC student was Annelisse Silva. Congrats to all our students who sat CAPE and CSEC exams!

Additionally, 34 students were named to the Principal’s List, a result of their fine personal qualities and their commendable school spirit! The Past Pupils Association Trophy was presented to our Head Girl, Chelsea Mc Comie.

This year we were also pleased to honour our Long Service staff members, 12 of whom received Bronze (15-20 years of service), 14 awarded Silver (21-25 years) and 6 received Gold (26-30 years). The Platinum award for over 30 years of service was presented to Mrs. Anna Pounder (School Principal) and Mr. David Assing. Congratulations to all our long standing members of staff, we are honoured to have you in our school family and appreciative of all that you do.