SJCPOS held our annual Sports Day on Friday November 4th, 2011. Everything went amazingly well - the sun shone, the house teams, dressed in their fun and funky uniforms, showed off the precision drills they'd been practising for weeks and the cheerleaders rocked out! From the races, to the food, to the joy of just being outside and not in class, everybody had lots of fun. Just check out these photos!


Shubh Divali!

Divali is a joyous Hindu celebration of the victory of light over darkness and of new beginings. In Trinidad and other parts of the world, there are prayers and singing, fireworks and light displays and sumptuous feasts after a month of fasting. But for us, that week was coloured by our sadness whwn we lost our Ms. Straker. So, we gave those students who had prepared cultural items to share with our school family the opportunity to showcase their talents the following week. Check out some images of that event.


SJCPOS has a proud and long standing tradition of academic excellence. Our students shine at the secondary level and the majority go on to universities and colleges where they enjoy notable success. This year was no different and 22 of our graduates have won national scholarships on the basis of their CAPE results. The following is a list of the students who won scholarships this year.

  1. Business Studies (Additional) - Kerri Ramesar

  2. Environmental Studies (Additional) - Christiana Newling

  3. Environmental Studies (Additional) - Jinai Chong Sing

  4. Mathematics (Additional) - Drew-Elliot Ramsingh

  5. Mathematics (Additional) - Rayanna Richards

  6. Mathematics (Additional) - Yasha Kuruvilla

  7. Modern Studies (Additional) - Paige Andrew

  8. Science (Additional) - Arianne Sobrian

  9. Science (Additional) - Celine Ramgoolam

  10. Science (Additional) - Cimone Ramcharan

  11. Science (Additional) - Cindy Mc Cartney

  12. Science (Additional) - Darcelle Wilson

  13. Science (Additional) - Domonique Pulido

  14. Science (Additional) - Joanna Jadoo

  15. Science (Additional) - Nicholas Mohammed

  16. Science (Addtional) - Nadine Noel

  17. Science (Open) - Abigail Johnson

  18. Science (Open) - Dayle-Ann Borde

  19. Science (Open) - Rennessa Williams

  20. Science (Open) - Ruth Emmanuel

  21. Science (Open) - Tasha Tardieu

  22. Tech. Studies (Additional) - Akila Valentine

Many of them are abroad, having already begun programs at foreign institutions, but all were honoured at a service in the chapel before our entire school community. Check out the pictures below.


Our amazing Form 1s put all their talents on display on June 9th and 10th at the School Theatre. They sang, danced, performed skits and played a range of different musical instruments. The following images show just some of the features in the 2011 Form 1 Variety Show.


We held our annual graduation masses for the Forms Five and Six at the School Chapel.. The following images show just some of the students at the graduation ceremony held


We held our annual Carnival celebration at the school compound, featuring the house queens in their hand made Carnival costumes. The Form 1 presented their own band and we ended with a jump up for everyone!



The Annual St. Joseph's Convent Port of Spain Awards

These were presented in a joyous celebration on Wednesday 12th, December 2011 in the School Chapel. The event honoured students in all year groups and their successes; academic as well as co- curricular during the past year.

Click below to see photographs of the occasion..